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Cost & Resource Planner

Whether the plan to pay for college has been years in the making or is a conversation just beginning, options are available to make earning a degree a reality.

An important part of planning is to understand undergraduate costs and ensure your financing is in place to pay on time.

To help undergraduate students and their families plan for what their estimated balances due will be for the fall and spring semesters, we created this helpful tool to assist with estimating the cost, applying financial aid and other resources to their costs, and then determining what additional funds will be needed.

Estimated costs on the planner represent the most recent costs available as of March 2020 for incoming undergraduates for fall 2020 and spring 2021.

Download the PDF tool for your campus!*

*For access to all functions of the planner, you may need to download the file to your device.

Additional Resources

If your cost planner shows an estimated balance due, there are other ways to potentially reduce costs and fund educational expenses. See the Other Funding Options website for more information.

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